Complete Data Centers Open Up A World Of Possibilities

Complete Data Centers Open Up A World Of Possibilities
-Joseph O’Daniel, President, Virtualization & Professional Services

In the world of technology, there are two equal and opposite associations attached to the word “scale.” As companies look to grow into new verticals and opportunities, they are frequently said to “scale up” operations; while the continual miniaturization of physical and digital resources is often referred to as “scaling down.” Facebook scaled up from a garage band startup, and Apple scaled down powerful computers to pocket-sized devices. Datacenters support all connected technology on earth, and thereby, live at the crux of this intersection.

The first computer systems were government-funded monoliths so large that a single computer would take up an entire room. Oddly enough, while the miniaturization of computers vastly reduced the size of these components, the footprint and relative costs of the datacenters themselves remained relatively unchanged because the demand for information and computing power increased even more quickly. Today’s servers are much smaller and infinitely more powerful than previous computers, but they support applications for nearly every industry on earth.

Mining companies, hospitals, Snap Chat, and even traditional brick and mortar retailers are all reliant on the datacenter. Datacenters now act as the functional brain for both government projects and commerce. For this diverse group of organizations to truly unlock the potential of the cloud, though, they need rich, resonant end-user experiences and applications without the expensive infrastructure costs associated with building modern datacenters.

That is where HVE ConneXions is uniquely positioned to provide diagnostic and solution oriented resolutions. By combining our best of breed products with those of Overland-Tandberg and Sphere 3D, HVE is able to provide a “complete datacenter.”

Overland-Tandberg begins at the base of the “complete datacenter pyramid” by producing nearline disk storage, library based LTFS, removable storage, and tape archival storage for the most robust and largest data needs. This information is then fed directly to HVE’s best-of-breed, purpose-built, all solid-state, virtual server appliances, scalable VDI appliances, NVMe, and all-flash storage units. Finally, Glassware 2.0 Framework from Sphere 3D delivers cutting edge application containerization.

HVE uses VMware View alongside Teradici’s PC-over-IP APEX2800 offload engine cards for a seamless user experience, and the VMware Sphere Stack is customized with platform specific engineered VMWare View configurations. HVE solutions have been optimized for performance, cost, and operational agility, and the open platform allows their team of highly qualified engineers to develop custom solutions for customers of all types and sizes.

After being acquired by Sphere 3D in January 2017, HVE has quickly grown from a regional company into a worldwide organization. Our VDI solutions deliver desktops and provide application wrapping, independent functionality testing, user acceptance testing, and the hosting of several project elements.

This “complete datacenter” is truly a thing of beauty. From mass amounts of uncompressed legacy data, to seamless user experiences, HVE’s VMware Persona management and Windows GPO’s allow for an effective “liquid” windows operation systems. HVE ConneXions provides the fundamental architecture for optimal performance without sacrificing flexibility, and is available in three basic configuration types: Standalone, Cloud Hotspot, and Tethered.

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