Texas Weather and A Happy Customer

Texas Weather and A Happy Customer
-Eric Cunningham, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Just last month, we announced in a press release that our new customer, Gollob Morgan Peddy, Certified Public Accountants, had selected HVE ConneXions, through Cynergy Technology, to upgrade their entire VDI footprint. We couldn’t be more pleased with the relationship we have formed with GMP and wanted to share some additional information as a footnote to that press release.

Gollob Morgan Peddy PC is a leading provider of tax, audit, and advisory services in East Texas. The firm serves a varied array of clients including governmental entities, non-profits, manufacturers, construction companies, oil and gas companies, and medical, legal, and entrepreneurial businesses of all sizes. Their team of professionals includes a staff of skilled accountants, bookkeepers, technology consultants, and management consultants focused on the financial success of their clients.

For those of us who live in Texas, we know all too well the volatility of Texas weather. In fact, a popular saying goes something like, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a few minutes and it will change.” So on Friday, February 17, 2017, when a large storm blew through east Texas, it was a big event.

The power went out at the GMP office at 1:30 am. With the help of a generator system, they were back online by 9:00 am. Since they fully support VDI for the entire firm and scan all documents, their staff was able to work from home, and field auditors in Houston worked with very little interruption. Power was not restored to the office until 4 pm that day, yet everyone was working!

Even more critical, in the heart of tax season, on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, due to yet another big storm, power was out at the GMP office from 5am-10am. Again, their generator kicked in, no systems went down, and they notified staff to stay home and work remotely until advised otherwise.

In both of these instances, the HVE VDI technology, with the help of the company generator, mitigated lost time while all companies around them were down and unable to work. Their customers saw no interruption of service, their employees were able to continue vital operations, and the HVE equipment functioned exactly as expected.

Steve Mayfield, IT Director at GMP, notified me of these 2 big events and their extreme pleasure with the performance of our VDI solution during these very critical and trying weather events. This brings home for me the heart of the mission statement of HVE: HVE ConneXions is dedicated to helping corporate, government, and educational institutions by delivering world-class hardware and software integrated technology solutions and services while incorporating the values of passion, integrity, commitment, and loyalty. We are proud of Gollob Morgan Petty, and I am elated that in this instance, HVE technology beat Mother Nature!